Meet Our Founder- Deb Doherty

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage 

Our military learns this from day one in boot camp. But what happens when their time is up and they come home? What appreciation and support do they get? 

I, personally, have concerns for veterans and the active military. Having grandfathers, brothers, and cousins who have served this country and grandsons who are currently serving in the military is why my passion has escalated. 

Bridging the gap that veterans face with services that they are entitled to be imperative. Our veterans deserve the benefits that they were advised of at enlistment with absolutely no challenges. 

My desire is to help our deserving veterans find a place to call home with the assistance of professional real estate agents to help them have a stress-free experience in purchasing and/or selling their homes. 

I started Treasure Coast Veterans Alliance to create a community of like-minded real estate agents who have a passion for giving back to our veterans. Agents who listen and truly care about the homebuyer and/or person selling their home in addition to finding the best loan originators who are superior in the lending industry, especially regarding VA Loans. 

I look forward to helping veterans and expanding our community with the most amazing real estate agents thru-out the country. 

The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our gratitude
 ~Jeff Miller~

Mitch & Linda Kloorfain- Marketing Advisors

Linda, a lifelong resident of Florida, started in photography 20 years ago as a portrait photographer. In recent years, she added event photography and marketing to her resumè. She recently graduated from IRSC with a degree in business, minoring in marketing. Linda currently works for a local newspaper as a photojournalist and maintains a number of social media platforms for local businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Beginning as a teen in New York until moving to Florida in 1993, Mitch has made a lifelong career out of photography. Mitch received numerous awards for writing and photography as a photojournalist for 15 years. Under MitchPix photography he has photographed over 3,500 events and was recognized as Communicator of the Year by the Florida Public Relations Association. 

Together, Mitch and Linda make up K2 Photography & Marketing. They formed their businesses, Mitchpix Photography and WoW Photography into one joint business, K2 Photography & Marketing.

Sharon Kearns- Business Support Manager

Sharon, a semi-native of Florida has had a long and varied professional career.  Her skills include project management, marketing, client management, human resources, compensation and benefits, process improvement, and event management.  Recently Sharon has spent her time volunteering with several local non-profits.  She and her husband Fred recently moved to Stuart, where she was recruited to serve on her community’s Board of Directors.  

Her professionalism, organizational skills, conflict resolution, and amazing smiling personality is a true blessing to many.