My name is Christy Friia Moore. Many know me as Christy with a Y! 
Y? Because living in our beautiful Sunshine State of Freedom Florida for 25 yrs & as a daughter of an army vet with a challenging but overcoming childhood, I learned through my faith in God WHO I am & WHOSE I am. I AM a Proud Mama, a Truthful Patriot, & a relentless Warrior. Three of my Proudest titles & I can now add REALtor to those! I’m one who has a passion for serving & giving back to our heroes & their families in our community. Mix all that in with some All-American country Luv-in, line dancing, Jeep driving, adventurous soul who Luvs big & always looks for the “Y” in life. Happiness is Priceless & I believe everyone deserves it!